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The CNW Resources Inc. reputation for quality, consistency and dependability is built upon our insistence on the highest production, shipping and delivery requirements. Quality control standards are applied at all stages of the importation process. From the ISO 9001 standards of the Chemical suppliers and U.S. approved standards of the foundries to pre-shipment inspection and quality control processes to our strict standards for vessel charter loading and unloading, trucking and storage, CNW Resources’ watchword is quality. This has been one secret of our success for the last fifteen years: we never let up on applying the best and strictest quality control standards to everything we do.

We are able to provide rapid,reliable service, superior to that of our competitors,because of..
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Quality,consistency and dependability is built upon our insistence on the highest production...
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CNW has a reputation for reliability,which has been carefully built and meticulously maintained....
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Low Cost
We recognized that cost-competitiveness would be essential to our success.Indeed,our reputation...
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