Provide Customers with Premier Quality Products and Service Since 1992

CNW Resources Inc. is the most sought-after provider of high quality metallurgical, chemical and foundry products in the U.S. We provide premier quality products and services at the lowest cost. Our focus is on sourcing these raw and semi-raw materials in the hydropower, mineral and chemical-rich northwest area of China.

Our Success is driven, in part, by a comprehensive understanding of the market and manufacturing sources in China, and in part by long-standing relationships with
manufacturers who are eager to export their raw materials directly to the North American market. These factors have contributed to the evolution of CNW Resources Inc. into the
predominant U.S. and North American importer of raw & semi-raw materials.

When we started CNW, our goal was to combine western management practices with eastern cost efficiency and service. I think we've achieved that goal.

               Andrew Liu. President

We are able to provide rapid,reliable service, superior to that of our competitors,because of..
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Quality,consistency and dependability is built upon our insistence on the highest production...
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CNW has a reputation for reliability,which has been carefully built and meticulously maintained....
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Low Cost
We recognized that cost-competitiveness would be essential to our success.Indeed,our reputation...
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